Call if you can. Text if you can’t. Voice calls are the best way to contact 911. The text service should only be used in situations where a voice call is not possible or safe.

Text-to-911 is designed to assist those who are deaf, hard of hearing, speech impaired or who may be unsafe if they were to be heard making a voice call. Text-to-911 is available in La Plata County with plans from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. Callers must have an active phone service plan with data to use the service; it will not work with third party texting applications.

To use the service, text 911 in the field for a phone number. Do not use any other numbers. Make sure to:

- Provide your exact address or location.
- Explain the type of emergency or help needed.
- Be prepared to answer any questions that the 911-telecommunicator texts back.
- Use plain language; do not use abbreviations, symbols, emoticons or photos.
- Make messages brief and concise.

For more info visit: 



The Bayfield Marshal's Office is now officially apart of the Colorado Household Medication Take-back Program! In accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, our office now has a convenient drop box for all of your unused prescription and over-the-counter medications.

By using our free drop off box you will help us to keep harmful drugs from being easily accessed by children or prescription drug abusers!




The ETSA (Emergency Telephone Service Association)  of La Plata County has launched an emergency notification system. This system will be used by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts, throughout La Plata County. 

Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports. Enrolling allows you to register your cell phone, VoIP phone, or unregistered phone number to your address.  You will receive alerts when an event occurs in your area. To sign up follow this link: 




This form is for non-emergency reports only. Do not use this form if you need immediate assistance for any reason. IF YOU HAVE A LIFE OR PROPERTY THREATENING EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911. If you need immediate assistance but the situation is not immediately life or property threatening, please call our 24 hour police dispatch at 970-385-2900. PLEASE NOTE: Although we take all reports seriously, reports made using this form will be handled in order of priority. It could take up to 24 hours before a deputy contacts you.


Email completed forms to our Administrative Assistant, Amber Abdella, at aabdella@bayfieldgov.org 






Vin verifications are required on all vehicles that are titled out of a state other than Colorado. The Bayfield DMV located inside Bayfield Town Hall is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 4pm.  The Bayfield Marshal's Office provides VIN verifications as someone is available to do so.

When:    Walk in basis Mon-Thurs 9am -3pm (closed for lunch at 12:30-1:30). Friday's hours vary, call first.

Fee:        $20. Cash, checks and debit/credit cards.

Bring:    Title or bill of sale and a picture ID.  The vehicle must be present.

We DO NOT verify:        Vehicles where the VIN cannot be verified (scratched off, faded, can't find)

                                                 Vehicles where the title is LOST.

                                                 Call Colorado State Patrol for a certified VIN inspection for lost or unverifiable VINs

Who else does VIN Inspections:     Durango DMV ($20)

                                                                         Other Law Eforcement Agencies

                                                                         Some pawn shops


If for some reason your vehicle is not drivable please call 24 hour police dispatch at 970-385-2900 to make arrangements for a deputy to perform the VIN verification at your home within Bayfield town limits only.

Residents or business owners can request extra patrol checks of their property if they intend to be gone for an extended period of time, have safety concerns or have experienced previous suspicious incidents. Print and fill out the form attached below and forward to the Bayfield Marshal's Office by faxing to

(970) 884-6053, emailing to aabdella@bayfieldgov.org or stop by our office and submit the form in person.                                                                                          

House Check Vacation Request Form.pdf

The Bayfield Marshal's Office can only provide fingerprinting services for the following reasons ONLY:

- ATF Licensing and Permitting (Firearm Suppressors, etc.) (WE DO NOT DO CONCEALED CARRY)
- Criminal Justice Employee/Applicant for the agency or for another agency (e.g. Courts)
- Explosive Permits
- Federal Background Checks that do not get sent to CBI, such as Postal Service employment, or security
- Interstate Compact Supervision/Treatment
- Out of State Business if that state allows
- Probation or Parole Registration
- Sex Offender Registration

Upper Pine Fire Department also provides fingerprinting services. Contact them for an appointment at 970-884-9508.

If none of the above apply to you please go to one of the below websites to set up an appointment. You may need a unique ID number which should be provided by the agency requesting your fingerprints.  Search for your ID number here:

Colorado Fingerprinting provides fingerprinting services on specific days at the Durango Rec Center  at 2700 Main Avenue  Durango, CO 81301. Visit http://www.coloradofingerprinting.com to register and request an appointment date and time.

List of Unique ID numbers for Colorado Fingerprinting.pdf

IdentoGO also provides fingerprinting services with the closest location being in Cortez. Their website: https://www.identogo.com/ . Appointment Scheduling: https://uenroll.identogo.com/ . Toll Free Phone number: (844) 539-5539


Bayfield Marshal's Office


Safe2Tell Colorado gives YOU a safe, anonymous way to help someone who is struggling or hurting. Learn what to look for, what to listen for, and what to report. Click on the Safe 2 Tell box to the left for more information on the program and how to report.


How much does it cost to register your dog with the Town of Bayfield? 

Only $5.00!

How much does it cost if your dog is caught running at large and taken to the pound?

Possibly HUNDREDS of dollars!

Impound Fee.................................$95.00

1st offense running at large...........$25.00
2nd offense running at large.........$50.00
3rd offense running at large..........Court appearance/court fees
No rabies vaccine...........................$25.00

The La Plata County Human Society will ALSO charge you:

No license.......................................$60.00
Subsequent impounds....................$20.00 more each offense
Overnight stay.................................$20.00/per night

To register your dog with the Town of Bayfield stop by town hall, email  or call 970-884-9544 for more information!