Residents or business owners can request extra patrol checks of their property if they intend to be gone for an extended period of time, have safety concerns or have experienced previous suspicious incidents. Print and fill out the form attached below and forward to the Bayfield Marshal's Office by faxing to

(970) 884-6053, emailing to or stop by our office and submit the form in person.                                                                                          

House Check Vacation Request Form.pdf


The Bayfield Marshal's Office provides VIN verifications as a deputy is available to do so. These are done on a walk in basis only during normal business hours. The fee for a VIN verification is $20.00. Cash, checks and debit/credit cards are accepted (debit/credit cards will be charged a small fee). Please bring a title or bill of sale and a picture ID.  The vehicle must be present at the Bayfield Marshal's Office in order to do the verification. If for some reason your vehicle is not drivable please call 24 hour police dispatch at 970-385-2900 to make arrangements for a deputy to perform the VIN verification at your home.

The Bayfield Marshal's Office can only provide fingerprinting services for the following reasons:

- Arrest Booking
- ATF Licensing and Permitting (Firearm Suppressors, etc.)
- Criminal Justice Employee/Applicant for the agency or for another agency (e.g. Courts)
- Concealed Handgun Permits – Including emergency, renewal, and permit name changes
- Explosive Permits
- Federal Background Checks that do not get sent to CBI, such as Postal Service employment, or security
- Interstate Compact Supervision/Treatment
- Out of State Business Only
- Probation or Parole Registration
- Sex Offender Registration

If none of the above apply to you please go to one of the below websites to set up an appointment. You may need a unique ID number which should be provided by the agency requesting your fingerprints.  Search for your ID number here:

List of Unique ID numbers for Colorado Fingerprinting.pdf

Colorado Fingerprinting provides fingerprinting services on specific days at the Durango Rec Center  at 2700 Main Avenue  Durango, CO 81301. Go to to register and request an appointment date and time.

IdentoGO also provides fingerprinting services with the closest location being in Cortez. Their website: . Appointment Scheduling: . Toll Free Phone number: (844) 539-5539



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